You are a HUE-GO model android. You heard the voice, and so did the others. 

A short narrative cyberpunk(ish) game with many beginnings and just one ending. Colors are transmittable among HUE-GOs. Your color palette determines your HUE-GO archetype, but, being of a highly empathetic design, it can change.  Find the source of a new, compelling signal that sends you on an irresistible pilgrimage. 

Currently, three beginnings are implemented, with room for 6 (beginnings are Red, Yellow, and Blue).

Created for Global Game Jam 2018.

Also available on  my website.


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Hi, a few in-game screenshots would be nice I think.

Hi Stavros, thanks for the comment! The main reason I didn't include them is because it's primarily a text-based game with a visual component, but it's a fair complaint. I'll try to add some soon!

Okay.... this makes me shudder as the color gradation actually plays major role plot of the story; in which the journey of the Foreground colors blended to the Backgroud colors are symbolic to their androids' freedom confined by the strict-line system.....  :')