A girl leaves her childhood home hoping to find something better, but she can't seem to escape her roots. 

Nina Fish is from a rural town in the Ozark mountains. She eventually realizes that she isn't interested in the lifestyle of her parents and once-close brother. So, she moves to a nearby city, grows increasingly disconnected from her family, and becomes absorbed in her day job. However, she hasn't found the sort of fulfillment she was hoping for. An unexpected visit from her brother causes her to come to terms with the two forces pulling on her - one from happiness, and one from home.



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...this story reminds me to the feels of my hometown :')))

<3 <3 Thank you so much for playing it!


Fans of Interactive Fiction will enjoy this solid IF experience. No pretentiousness, just real genuine immersive storytelling.

People who are new or not exposed to Interactive Fiction ... I think this is a great way to introduce themselves to the genre!

Overall, what I'm saying is: I dug it! If you haven't read it yet, stop reading comments and go read Natural Pressure!