Post-Jam Update

SubQ Love Jam is over, and I still can't believe I got first! I can't thank everyone who participated in the jam enough. There were tons of really great entries, and that fact that I won first is giving me so many warm fuzzies.

There were some bugs/issues that were pointed out during the jam that I didn't want to fix until it was over, to keep it fair. So, here are the things that I added/fixed.

  •  Word plurality issues
  • Other grammar issues with generated terms
  • Mis-typed variable names leading to conditions being impossible to reach
  • Removed the possibility of ties in final score
  • Other point calculation logic issues
  • Added new cover art

And that's it! Despite all of the little tweaks, it's not a huge change but they definitely improve on the consistency and quality.

I'd love to hear any feedback. In February, you should be able to see this on the SubQ website!

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Jan 04, 2019

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